Proper Time Management With Pay Per Head

It can be a daunting task to run and manage your own independent bookie business these days. However, with the help of a quality pay per head bookie services provider, it can also be a highly lucrative business opportunity. Today’s sports betting industry is booming, especially in the US market. As more and more states… Continue reading →

Real Bookies Can Maximize the Value of Its Cost

There are literally hundreds of online pay per head sites catering to private bookies. The rapid expansion of the global sports betting industry has been dramatic with no end in sight. Leading the way is the US market backed by huge betting sports such as football and, more particularly, the NFL. Whether you are looking… Continue reading →

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How to Attract Customers on a Global Scale

With the rise of internet marketing, businesses are no longer limited to customers in their suburb, city, or even country. If you’re looking to expand your business across international waters, here are five strategies to attract customers on a global scale. #1.Optimize your website for international customers While you might assume all internet-based marketing is… Continue reading →

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Why Create a Brand Community Around Your Business

Thinking about building a brand community around your business? Here are six reasons you should. #1. You’ll stand out from competitors Both offline and online, customers are being bombarded with advertising. Over time, this causes ‘content shock’, which causes customers to become habituated to any form of advertising. To prevent this from happening, you need… Continue reading →

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3 Strategies for a Game-Changing Sales Funnel

An effective sales funnel is a crucial part of any business’s marketing campaign. If you’re looking to improve up your sales funnel, here are three tried-and-true strategies you need to try. What is a ‘sales funnel’ A sales funnel (often called a ‘purchase funnel’ or ‘marketing funnel’) is a model of sales where new prospects… Continue reading →

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Horse betting is a lucrative proposition for Bookies. More than 60 horse tracks available. With our new Racebook software, you can take wagers on most tracks in North America.