Take Advantage of Pay Per Head Mobile Betting Solutions

It was not that long ago when most sports bets were booked by using a telephone. Along with a notebook and a pencil, the phone was a private bookie’s most important business tool. Back in the 1990’s things began to change with the advent of the internet. The first offshore sportsbooks and bookie services providers […]

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Real Bookies Offers Fully Integrated Player Betting Accounts

One of the main reasons today’s avid sports bettor turns to private bookies is the added level of customer service they can provide and the big commercial sportsbooks cannot match. When you sign on with Real Bookies as your pay per head provider, there will be a number of ways to fully capitalize on that […]

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Pay Per Head Bookie Services Gets You Ready for the 2021 MLB Season

Baseball is back with a full 162-game schedule set for the 2021 MLB regular season. Opening Day for all 30 teams on Thursday, April 1 is just the start of more than seven months of daily betting action. As a private bookie, your best course of action right now is to align your business with […]

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Pay Per Head Offers Professional Betting Board Management Tools

Successful bookies understand the importance of having the right pay per head site in place to fully automate that business while running and managing it online. Most private bookmakers also understand the importance of working with a reliable bookie services site that can ensure that every online transaction is completed in a safe and secure […]

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Real Bookies Offers Pay Per Head Solutions for a Smaller Group of Players

If you have been thinking about starting your own bookmaking operation, Real Bookies offers software solutions designed for start-ups. The base pay per head plan has been designed to provide everything you need. Today’s advanced bookie services can fully automate your bookie business while also providing everything you need to run and manage that business […]

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Real Money Profits With Real Bookies Pay Per Head Solutions

More than a few private bookmakers started their business to help supplement their own sports betting activities. Taking action from a few family members, friends and acquaintances was easy to do and easy to manage. Taking things to the next level gets a bit more complicated. Once you get a taste of just how lucrative […]

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Never lose another client to an offshore sportsbook ever! Hundreds of sports betting options. RealBookie allows our clients to offer players an unlimited amount of wagering options.

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Our vegas style casino games are easy-to-use, fun, impressively attractive and realistic. Our Casino offers all major casino games including Blackjack, Slots, Craps, Studpoker and more.

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Horse betting is a lucrative proposition for Bookies. More than 60 horse tracks available. With our new Racebook software, you can take wagers on most tracks in North America.