Washington State | Why PPH Providers love it…

Probably not many folks think of Washington State as a place that loves to gamble. That would be an incorrect assumption! The state of Washington loves to gamble on the local sports scene as well as in the casino. Washington is one of those states that have allowed casino gambling on Native American land for… Continue reading →

California | A Bookies Dream

The median household income in the state of California is $71, 805 per year! That’s a nice income and a fat income, when considering that California is the most densely populated state in all of the US. Los Angeles is the second largest city in the US with a metro area close to 19,000,000 people…. Continue reading →

Are You Ready For Football With Real Bookies?

The NFL preseason is underway and the first college football games of the season are just a few weeks away. This is the time of the year to get your act together when it comes to running and managing an independent sportsbook as a private bookie. Sports betting customers in the US have more options… Continue reading →


New Orleans is known as “The Big Easy.” But is it “easy” to be a bookie in this playground of a city? Well, our answer is that it is neither really easy, but let’s put it this way – it becomes a lot easier when you are making use of the PPH software that is… Continue reading →

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Updating Player Profiles With Pay Per Head

A new season of football betting is right around the corner. As a private bookie, you probably have a few of your diehard football fans betting on the CFL regular season and on the NFL preseason schedule. While every bookie running and managing an independent sportsbooks is trying to build a customer base of year-round… Continue reading →

Real Bookies Betting Odds

The basis for betting on any sporting event are the posted odds. They create the handicapping difference between the favorite and the underdog. The right betting odds create the proper balance between the two. If the odds are too favorable one way or the other, they will create an imbalance that could prove to be… Continue reading →

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