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People usually think that the online sports betting business is easy as printing money. However, this is far from the truth. Many online sports books have gone bankrupt due to lack of experience and knowledge which results in bad lines, hiring the wrong employees, mismanagement of funds among other factors.

Here at Realbookies.com pay per head shop, we have over 25 years in the betting business online and we will try to pass on the knowledge we have gained over this time to you through this blog.

Please check out the articles which will help make you a better bookie.

Capitalizing on the US Sports Betting Craze

Sports betting in the United States has always been big business. Starting with the original land-based sportsbooks in Nevada along with the offshore sportsbooks taking action online, the overall industry continued to expand over the past few decades. A 2018 US Supreme Court decision opened the doors to legal sports betting on an individual state-by-state… Continue reading →

Let Pay Per Head Help Promote Your Bookie Services

Pay Per Head online bookie software solutions are the driving engine behind the day-to-day operational end of your private bookie business. This specialized sports betting software package is designed to process all the various transactions that go into a business of this nature. It can also provide the real-time business analytics that help you run… Continue reading →

Pay Per Head Betting Lines for Private Bookies

Sharp betting lines for everything you need, when you need them is the life blood of a private bookie running and managing your own independent sportsbook. The Pay Per Head site you use for all of your online sports betting software solutions can make or break that business with the betting lines they provide. Fast… Continue reading →

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Upgrade to Premium Pay Per Head Bookie Software

If you are a private bookie looking for a cheap solution to your online sports betting software solutions, always remember that you get what you pay for. There are any number of ways to save money running and managing your own independent sportsbook, but signing on with the cheapest Pay Per Head site should not… Continue reading →

Expand Your Working Knowledge of Pay Per Head Bookie Software

Most private bookies understand the concept of Pay Per Head online sports betting software. More importantly, the most successful bookies running and managing an independent sportsbook understand the value that a top price per head shop brings to the table. Growing and expanding a successful bookie business takes time, hard work and dedication. It also… Continue reading →

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