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If you are a bookie or looking to become a bookie for basketball, this page is for you. There is a wealth of information related to taking bets on basketball along with other sports.

  • What Is A Parlay Bet

    What Is A Parlay Bet A parlay is a wager that requires the customer to win not just one straight bet, but 2 or three or as many as four. For his bet to be a winner, the gambler must win all games on his parlay. If a customer makes a three-team parlay and wins … Continue reading

  • Straight Bet Explained

    What is A  Straight Bet   The straight bet is about as basic as you can get in gambling and is offered in every pay per head on the planet. For almost every football game, professional and college, there will be a listing of the two teams playing and two numbers beside those teams. It … Continue reading

  • Basketball Live Betting and In-Game Betting

    There are many different kinds of basketball bets you can make from a standard bet to a totals bet and futures bets to prop bets, but you can also bet on a hoops game while it happens. Live betting, also called in-game betting, allows you to take part in the betting action as the game … Continue reading

  • Different Line Types for Basketball Betting

    Most of the time being an agent for basketball bets is pretty simple. Your players are signed up through you and they begin to make bets on basketball games where you get a percentage of each bet placed. It is not very hard to understand. If you are an agent at there are various … Continue reading

  • Basketball Betting – Many Leagues To Bet On

    When it comes to betting on basketball there are many leagues to bet on. As a agent that is very beneficial for you since there are also tons of bets that can be made on each league with our per head service. This is a fantastic opportunity for you since you make a percentage … Continue reading

  • Basketball Props and Series Bets

    The NBA season is full of action and not just on the court, but with the many betting options you have with your pph software. As an agent you can get your players ready for all the wagering options available to them when it comes to the hardwood. Wagering on hoops can be a … Continue reading


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