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If you are a bookie or a person looking to be one for NFL and NCAA football look no further. Our software takes all the action from your players and gives you up to the second reporting for all your action.

  • What Is A Parlay Bet

    What Is A Parlay Bet A parlay is a wager that requires the customer to win not just one straight bet, but 2 or three or as many as four. For his bet to be a winner, the gambler must win all games on his parlay. If a customer makes a three-team parlay and wins … Continue reading

  • Straight Bet Explained

    What is A  Straight Bet   The straight bet is about as basic as you can get in gambling and is offered in every pay per head on the planet. For almost every football game, professional and college, there will be a listing of the two teams playing and two numbers beside those teams. It … Continue reading

  • NFL Wild Card Playoffs Bookie Betting Report

    The start of the NFL playoffs marks one of the most profitable runs of the year for local bookies working with a quality Pay Per Head online betting software provider. While the volume of games has been drastically reduced from the NFL regular season weekly schedule, the opportunity to take in a large volume of … Continue reading

  • 2017 NFL Week 15 Bookie Betting Report

    Pay Per Head online sports betting solutions gives local bookies the inside edge with the ability to move their own betting lines and change their board which is one of the main reasons you can continue to make money week after week in the NFL regardless of the actual results of the games. This week’s … Continue reading

  • NFL Week 13 2017 Bookie Betting Report

    The favorites dominated Week 12 in the NFL both straight-up and against the spread resulting in a tough day for many of the big offshore sportsbooks taking action online. However, local bookies all across the nation still fared well with the help of their Pay Per Head layoff account. Turning to the current betting lines … Continue reading

  • NFL Week 12 2017 Bookie Betting Report

    The NFL regular season heads into the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend with a full slate of games featuring all 32 teams in action. This adds up to even more opportunity for local bookies all across the country to post another big gain to their bottom line taking action on the games. Thursday’s traditional Thanksgiving Day games … Continue reading


  • When I think of Realbookie, two things come to mind: their one on one customer support and the easy to use software.
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  • This PPH software has helped me tremendously. At anytime of the day, I know exactly what is happening with my players.
    San Francisco
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