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Tennis Betting Software offers bookies lines and odds on Tennis from around the world 24/7. Join today to see how we can help you grow your business with our tennis offerings.

  • What Is A Parlay Bet

    What Is A Parlay Bet A parlay is a wager that requires the customer to win not just one straight bet, but 2 or three or as many as four. For his bet to be a winner, the gambler must win all games on his parlay. If a customer makes a three-team parlay and wins … Continue reading

  • Straight Bet Explained

    What is A  Straight Bet   The straight bet is about as basic as you can get in gambling and is offered in every pay per head on the planet. For almost every football game, professional and college, there will be a listing of the two teams playing and two numbers beside those teams. It … Continue reading

  • Standard Tennis Offerings

    Tennis is a very popular betting sport and if you have players that like to bet on Tennis you have to let them know the various bets that they can make. For bookies, the name of the game is getting juice since you will make a percentage of every single bet made. This is why … Continue reading

  • Tennis Lines Offered At Real Bookies

    When it comes to being an agent at for tennis betting — it is easy as 1-2-3. The players that you have signed up will make wagers with you for tennis matches and then you keep all the winnings.  You online pay a per head fee of $10. This is a concept that is … Continue reading


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