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  • Building Cash Flow In The OffSeason

    The summer months can be tough for an independent sports bookmaker if you do not properly plan for what is perceived as the slowest time of the year. Working closely with one of the top Pay Per Head providers like in the Internet sports betting business is a great first step towards building off … Continue reading

  • A Bookmaker’s Dream

    The first vivid memory that Aaron B. could recall growing up in his hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio.  was the sound of his dad and two uncles screaming at the television on Sunday afternoons while watching their beloved Cincinnati Bengals . Most times the yelling did not revolve around whether or not the Bengals won, but … Continue reading

  • The Wrong Pay Per Head Could Cost You Your Business

    Just type in “pay per head” in Google and you will see dozens of ads from PPH companies offering their services ranging from $15 to as low as $3 per head or giving away 6 to sometimes an unbelievable 3 months free. As you already know cheaper is not always better and the PPH industry … Continue reading

  • Using PPH to build your customer base

    If you are in the bookmaking business you are probably well aware of how a pay per head service can help run the administrative side of your business, but with many of the added features and benefits that many of the top companies now offer, you can also utilize your PPH service to grow your overall … Continue reading

  • Account could not be created

      Wait… Your account can not be activated because of missing information. Please fill out the form below with the missing info so you can start your FREE 2 week trial. This free offer is only for a limited time take advantage of it today. You get a free sportsbook, casino and horse website with … Continue reading

  • PPH Online Sports Betting Software

    Have you ever wondered what sports betting software could do to further your bookie business? Well, consider what we are about to tell you. If you are a bookie offering sports wagering services to a discriminating clientele, you know full well what kind of challenges you face. You’ve got customers who can, if they so … Continue reading

  • Testimonials

    • I don't know what I would have done without a pay per head service like RealBookie. Now I just focus on getting new players while Realbookie does the rest. I don't have to take calls in the middle of the night or do the reports every day. That's all done by the Realbookie software and I get to see it in real time.
      Aaron B.
    • The Realbookie software has helped me stay organized which leads to a more efficiently run business.
      New Orleans
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