Bookies Love Vermont | Find a Fantastic Pay Per Head

Vermont is a great state for bookies for more than a few reasons and the number one to top the list is the geographic location. Vermont may not have any pro sports teams of its own and neither does it have any well-known college programs, however, they do boast a diverse culture of people with a vast amount of them being from out of state as college students. This brings the draw to sports gambling in droves and already, many local bookies have cropped up on the campus of the University of Vermont. Burlington Vermont is not a big city by any means with just over 50,000 in population, it’s what’s close to Vermont that makes this city and states a gambling hotspot.

Vermont is within driving distance to Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Albany, Syracuse, Pittsburgh, Hartford, Binghamton, Washington, and the list goes on. This city is nestled against Lake Champlain and border New York State to the west. You will find a vibrant college town the hustles as if it were a huge campus in California or Texas. The local scene offers hip brewery’s, and hot-spot eateries. Vermont has always been trendy but a place for families as well. The gambling scene is picking up and has been alive and well for some time. The pay per head industry is a fantastic venue for any bookie wanting to cash in and earn a great income.

Vermont has endless possibilities and it’s certainly a great place to have a bookie business. Now is the time to find a great 4-week free trial offer and find out if this is for you. Give the PPH a call and have your players playing tomorrow, it’s this simple. Start earning what you’re worth.

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