Bookies | Sports Gambling is big in Alaska

Alaska is a land far, far away but don’t let this fool you. The online bookmakers do extremely well in Alaska and the customer base is large. Alaska is a place of natural wonders and beauty and it offers everything for the outdoor enthusiast. Alaska also boasts the large city of Anchorage which is rich in culture with a diverse population. Forty % of Alaskans live in Anchorage and it’s safe to say that half of the folks are engaged in some sort of online gaming activity. Beyond Anchorage are the cities of Fairbanks and Wasilla. Alaska is known for its casinos and it’s a proven fact that if gambling is offered, Alaskans will indeed gamble. Forget about team loyalty and diehard sports fans. Alaska is a place like any other and a large portion of the population happens to be from the continental US. For bookies that want to earn a fantastic income, now is the time to jump in. Casinos abound in Anchorage, but not sportsbook. The time is now to focus on Alaskan sports bettor that want a bookie they can trust and depend on.

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Call the PPH today and start making a great income from Alaskan bettors. Ask for a free trial and get this season moving. There is a great income to be earned as a bookie, but you must play your cards right. The only card to play is with a pay per head. You will be glad you made this decision along with your clients.

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