Connecticut: Sports Gambling has found a Home

The great state of Connecticut is nestled in the perfect spot for all things sports and sports gambling. It’s not a big state but it’s literally minutes from 25 million people and a couple of hours drive that includes the entire-greater New York area, the entire metropolitan areas of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Albany, Providence, and all of New England. The New York base is enough to talk about for 20-pages. We could talk about strategy and why NY/LI is a great market to tap into. We could talk about Jersey, Philly, all of the places that already have a gazillion independent/corner bookies. We all know that sports gambling has gone n since the dawn of time in all of the aforementioned places and Connecticut is no exception. Bookies are on every corner. Here is the good news: the vast majority of bookies in the Tri-State area are not connected to a pay per head. This gives you an added advantage. Folks want to gamble; however, they are flocking to the online market and this is where you come in and scoop the competition.

Players want to play, and they want to play with you. They know you and they trust you or possibly your players have brought in others by word of mouth. This is the best way to build a grassroots online bookie service. The best way to keep them is by offering a place they can play 24/7. Call the pay per head provider and ask for a free trial offer. Try this before you buy and make sure it’s something you love.

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