What is a Correlated Parlay?

A correlated parlay is basically a bet that is tied into another, in that if one bet wins, it increases the odds of the other bet winning. This happens when there is a double digit spread, for the most part, if it covers the spread it will definitely have a greater probability of hitting the total as well. This is the case if he bets on the favorite and over as well as the underdog and under. Restriction happens when the spread multiplied by three, surpasses the total. In football there are some key numbers that will make this restriction to take place as well. This why in sports like baseball and hockey correlated parlays with the puck line or the run line are restricted. The player will have an edge if the agent allows these types of parlays.

For example, look at this game:
UTAH -21½ 44½

So if the player makes a parlay with Utah and over, this is considered a correlated parlay. Same will happen if he bets Northern Illinois and the under. Best scenario will be to allow hookups, but not in the same game.

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