Florida | From Miami to Tallahassee Gamblers are Looking for a great Bookie

The state of Florida is a big place and from top to bottom there are sports gamblers. Floridians are not your average gamblers; these folks are nuts! They love their sports teams and they are willing to put their money where their mouth is. Forget about the pro teams, unless were talking about Jacksonville, but the real money is in college sports. Miami alone is a huge city with a ton of money, and they love to party and gamble on the Hurricanes. It matters not whether it’s basketball of football, they just love their team and they love to put the money up. Not only is Miami a big deal, the city of Gainesville is a bigger deal. Nobody brings more smack, more one-upmanship and more money to the table than Gators fans. Yes, they are even crazier than Hurricanes fans. They love to party, and they love to gamble.

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