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RealBookies - Benefits


No charge

We charge no extra money for moving your players from your actual PPH to our PPH platform, if your players have only pending futures we will not charge you for that active player until those futures get graded, as we only charge the active account that have graded wagers on their accounts.


We are a company that is always innovating.

Getting new software, producing new reports, developing new sites, new tools to minimize mistakes, to find sharp players and steam player, to offer new products for our customer and more.


All our resources are focused

On producing a productive and profitable business.


We maximize your hold percentage

on every single sports, we analyze all the leagues behaviors, including players behavior, sharp and steam behavior, we monitor live action coming on every game and we compare our lines with the market.


Our players websites are all mobile friendly

They save time to the players while putting their wagers,they reduce the amount of clicks and screen touches a person have to do to put a wager. It is very simple to use and fulfill all the modern requirements.


We receive all 4 mayor payment methods in the industry

Like BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, MONEYGRAM and RIA and we give our old and loyal customers additional benefits to send money with other methods once we have build a long lasting and trustful relationship.


Football, basketball, baseball, soccer, nascar... Football Sports Betting

Never lose another client to an offshore sportsbook ever! Hundreds of sports betting options. RealBookie allows our clients to offer players an unlimited amount of wagering options.

Online Casino

Win it back with the casino... Casino Betting

Our vegas style casino games are easy-to-use, fun, impressively attractive and realistic. Our Casino offers all major casino games including Blackjack, Slots, Craps, Studpoker and more.

Horses & Racebook

From all major tracks... Racebook Betting

Horse betting is a lucrative proposition for Bookies. More than 60 horse tracks available. With our new Racebook software, you can take wagers on most tracks in North America.

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