Louisiana is Hot for the Bookmaking Business

Louisiana is one of the hottest gambling markets in the country and if you are not marketing yourself to gamblers in this state, you are missing out on big profit potential. New Orleans is enough in and of itself but there’s more, much more than “N’awlins”. Drew Brees may beg to argue this point and many other Saints players but that’s ok, all we need to do is take a little trip up the state to LSU territory and talk to the number one football team in all of college football, the team that just recently brought down Nick Saban and his boys from Alabama. Talk to these folks and they will definitely tell you how much more there is in Louisiana than just New Orleans. Listen – Loving New Orleans is not a crime. This city is passionate about their sports and they love to gamble. It matters not if you live in this town or not and it really doesn’t matter where you live. You must be marketing your online bookie business to New Orleans and all of Louisiana. Gambling, in general, is a big deal in Louisiana and now that sports gambling is legal, get there, be there, win money there and thank us in the morning for the great advice!

Be Online Right Now—

STOP: You must set and follow a strict budget, or you will not be a successful bookie on any level. This is non-negotiable. You may ask, how much do I budget, where do I start? You never want to risk more than 2-5% of your net worth. Example: You start this bookie business with $5,000 and you have 10 active players. Now that you are online, your players have the ability to gamble when they want to gamble 24/7. You will not always be aware of how much they are spending. You must set limits for the players. This way, they cannot exceed what you are willing to risk. 5% of $5,000 is $250. Are you going to take $250 per wager? You must determine how much you are willing to lose. We are talking about straight wagers, not parlays or teasers. $250 is probably high, you should probably rethink this evaluation and tighten the limit to the $100 range. Parlays will need to be determined separately.

DO NOT allow players to talk you down. They will try. They will see a hot line and they want to push you and you may be tempted, remember, you are the one doing the loaning here not them. They are risking, and you appreciate that but follow your budget whatever the amount is.

Listen: The bookie business is not always easy, but it can certainly be rewarding. What you must do is position yourself to earn a six-figure income by using the tools available. You can do that for $7 per head and you get a free trial to boot. Give the PPH a call today and have your players betting tomorrow.

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