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If you have never been to Massachusetts, then you simply do not know the passion of a Patriots fan. The New England Patriots have won at least 10-games per season since 2003. Tom Brady has played in – count them – 9-Super Bowls, he has won six of them and that’s a record. The Patriots have been king in New England for a very long time and Massachusetts bettors love to bet on their team. What’s great about this group of bettors? They have tunnel vision, they will bet the Patriots to a fault. Of course, the Patriots cover the spread more than not, however, good bettors know when they might have an edge betting against them. The Patriots win a lot of games, but they certainly don’t always cover the spread, and this means money in your pocket. You need these bettors and you want to keep them loyal. You need all of the sports fans in Massachusetts because they are all the same way – they bet the Celtics, the Bruins, and the Red Sox even when they know it’s a bad beat.

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We are in the thick of both the NFL and NCAA FB seasons. This year has been a wild ride but a good one for the online bookies. There isn’t a better time than now to get in and start earning a six-figure income. Stop the madness as a local bookie and get those Massachusetts clients in the fold. Your clients will love the change as will your bank account.

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