New Jersey | The Father of Gambling

New Jersey is a state filled to the brim with gambling action from Atlantic City to New York City, the people of New Jersey love to gamble and they love it all. The first casino to open its doors outside of Nevada was Resorts Casino Hotel. They opened in 1978 after a failed attempt to legalize gambling in 1974. New Jersey’s gambling scene certainly isn’t as old as Nevada’s, but don’t underestimate the fact that New Jersey resident love the action and they are thrilled to be the first state to legalize sports betting. SCOTUS recently overturned the “Gambling Act” of the early ’90s and paved the way for all 50-states to legalize sports gambling. In turn, this affords the online gamble the same benefits. We all know that nobody was ever arrested for online gambling but now we can rest assured that nobody ever will be in the future.

How does this help bookies?

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No matter where you come from whether it’s Trenton or the suburbs of New York, there are always gamblers and now with a pay per head, you have the controls. Find that great free trial and you will realize how much you enjoy your job again.

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