North Dakota Loves Software for Bookies

Bismarck, North Dakota the capital city and principal commerce center along with Fargo. In North Dakota there exists a couple of different casino venues. There are also close to 800 independent gambling sites scattered across the state that offer blackjack, with betting limits of $1-$25, for the benefit of charities. Indian casinos in North Dakota rule the roost and offer table games, slots, video poker, and video keno. The maximum bet limits are standard for Reservation casinos; blackjack-$100 (two tables in a casino may have limits up to $250), craps-$60, roulette-$50, slots/video poker-$25 and poker-$50 per bet, per round with a maximum of three rounds.”As you can see, there is simply no shortage of gaming activity in North Dakota. These folks work hard for a living and let’s be brutally honest, the winters are long and difficult; the people want something to entertain them.

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