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Why Real Bookies Wins Out

A side by side comparison between Real Bookies and 24-7 Bookie is all an agent needs to see in order to realize just how competitive the world of pay per head bookmaking has become.   

Both of these Costa Rica-based companies offer sportsbook and racebook features, and they also allow agents to offer casino games to their customers.  They even offer modern perks like smartphone betting and live wagering for prop bets.

The item that sets the two services apart is price.  While 24-7 Bookie’s basic service is less expensive than Real Bookie’s bare bones service, Real Bookie offers more items for bookmakers to use at that starting price than 24-7 Bookie.

What’s more, if agents want to use the service at their full capacity, Real Bookies ends up being the better value at $15/head, as opposed to 24-7 Bookie’s $20/head price point.  Plus, Real Bookies offers a free signup period that lasts four weeks – three weeks longer than what 24-7 Bookie offers.

The differences between Real Bookie and 24-7 Bookie may be a little bit tougher to spot when you first start comparing the two organizations.  However, the long-terms savings that Real Bookie can offer agents that want to provide more for their customers allow it to rise to the top.

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