Tale of the Tape7PPHReal Bookies
Sportsbook/Racebook/Casino GamesYesYes
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
No Minimum FeesInitial Deposit RequiredNo fees required
Signup PromotionNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

It is extremely important for agents to gain a proper feel for a price-per-head organization, especially if they are a smaller operation.  Real Bookies allows agents to do just that by offering them a four week free trial. 7PPH, on the other hand, does not offer any sign-up promotions.

Real Bookies also allows agents to get even more comfortable with their services by requiring no minimum fee requirements in order to get involved.  This is something that 7PPH can’t say.

From the features side of things, both companies are pretty competitive.  They both offer the ability to bet via a mobile phone device, and both places will let agents dabble in racetrack and casino betting as well as the traditional sportsbook.

The price tag between the two services is pretty competitive too, once you move past Real Bookie’s free trial and lack of minimum fee requirements.  PPH7 offers $7/head, whereas Real Bookie offers $10/head. 

However, Real Bookie gets the nod because it allows agents to get comfortably immersed into its bookmaking software service long before that first dollar for services rendered is exchanged.  And in the ever-changing world of pay per head bookmaking, building that sense of comfort is worth a whole lot.

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