9 Dollar Per Head

Tale of the Tape9 Dollar Per HeadReal Bookies
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Casino GamesYesYes
Live WageringNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

At first glance, Real Bookies and 9 Dollar Per Head appear to be pretty similar with what they have to offer.  Agents will find that both companies offer sportsbook, racebook, and casino services, so there are plenty of options for your clients to choose from.

Both organizations also offer mobile phone betting.  This service is a pretty cool service for agents who are looking to cater to their clientele that are always on the go. 

The price between the two companies is pretty similar, as well.  As the name suggests, 9 Dollar Price Per Head charges $9/head, while Real Bookie comes in slightly higher at $10/head.

However, that extra dollar buys agents the chance to offer their customers the chance to partake in live betting.  This is a huge benefit, considering how much prop bets and other wagers that used to be considered unorthodox are now considered the norm.  This extra dollar opens up to a whole new world filled with hundreds of new and exotic bookmaking opportunities to share with customers.

The inclusion of live wagering is a cool wrinkle that further enhances Real Bookies’ standing as a stellar bookmaker website.  It’s a reputation that allows it to stand apart even from the closest of competitors.

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