ABC Island

Tale of the TapeABC IslandReal Bookies
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Live BettingNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

There is quite a bit of similarity between these two PPH organizations.  They both give agents the chance to offer sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting, thus allowing them to be a one-stop betting experience for their customers.  They also offer mobile phone betting for bettors on the go.

The two companies also offer similar features from the aesthetic side of things.  The two organizations offer agents the chance to design their website’s look and account settings to fit their level of comfort on an ideal level.

One of the big differences between the two companies involves the process of live betting.  ABC Islands does not give agents the chance to offer this rapidly increasing facet of in-game betting to their customers, but Real Bookies does.  This difference gives Real Bookies customers the chance to open up hundreds of new bets to their clients.

The price of the respective services also gives Real Bookies an advantage over their pay per head counterparts.  Agents that want to get used to Real Bookies services before completely diving in can do so at $10/head, which is $5 cheaper than ABC Island.

The overall cost-effectiveness combined with the extra live betting service gives Real Bookies the head-to-head edge over ABC Island.  Considering how similar the services look otherwise, it just goes to show that a little difference can go a long way.

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