Ace Per Head

Tale of the TapeAce Per HeadReal Bookies
Sportsbook/Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino Betting YesYes
Mobile Phone Betting NoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

The differences between Real Bookies and Ace Per Head may not stand out at first.  Both companies are located in Costa Rica.  Both allow agents to offer casino and sportsbook betting to their players, as well.

Both companies offer relatively comparable price points, as well.  Ace Per Head and Real Bookies both start out at $10/head for their basic services.  This price increases as more services are added.

One of the more subtle differences between the two companies is the number of racetracks offered through their racebook services.  Real Bookies offers the chance for agents to offer a wider variety of race tracks than their counterparts.  This difference may be of interest for bookies that have an “old-school” wagering customer base.

A more pronounced difference is Ace Per Head’s lack of mobile phone betting service.  They do not offer agents the chance to engage the wagering needs of players that are on the go.  Conversely, Real Bookies does offer mobile phone betting, which agents could use in order to make the player’s excuse of “I wasn’t around my computer” irrelevant.

This difference is what ultimately allows Real Bookies to be the better service.  It singlehandedly shows how exciting the pay per head industry can be when it moves in the direction of modern technology.

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