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Sportsbook/Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
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Why Real Bookies Wins Out

In the Pay Per Head world, it takes a little comparison shopping in order to figure out what service is best.  In an industry where it can be tricky to tell one service apart from another, finding the one that feels right is pretty important.

That really represents the main difference between Real Bookies and BetEagle.  Real Bookies gives agents a whopping four free weeks to try out their services before they have to commit to paying the basic $10/head fee.  BetEagle, on the other hand, does not offer any trial period.  If an agent wants to use the service, they’ll have to commit up front.

The services themselves are similar in their offerings.  Both give agents the chance to provide a one-stop experience to their players by offering them sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting.  Both services offer mobile betting options as well.

Both companies also offer a similar price point.  BetEagle and Real Bookies both start out at a $10/head level.  The main thing that separates the two companies here is the previously mentioned offering of a trial period that Real Bookie offers.

And that trial period is enough to recommend Real Bookie over BetEagle.  After all, it’s never a bad thing to take a service out on a test run.

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