Tale of the TapeBettorsNetReal Bookies
Sportsbook/Racebook/Casino BettingYesYes
Mobile Phone BettingYesYes
Signup PeriodOne WeekFour Weeks

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Bettorsnet and Real Bookies are two companies that appear to be very similar.  Both operate out of Costa Rica, as is the case with a lot of pay per head businesses.  Both offer agents sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting options for their players.

The two companies also offer a few modern-tinged services.  For example, they both allow agents to offer smartphone betting services, as well as the opportunity to engage in live in-game betting.  This latter service is especially great for agents who want to take advantage of the prop bet phenomenon.

Yet they are not exactly the same.  Bettorsnet offers the barest of bare bones services at $5/head, and charges $20/head for its fully loaded services.  Conversely, Real Bookies offers its more fully formed basic package at $10/head, while its fully loaded service is charged at $15/head.

Additionally, Real Bookies’ signup period lasts twice as long as Bettorsnet’s trial run.  Real Bookies allows agents to try them freely for four weeks, while Bettorsnet only offers a two week free period.

Ultimately, Real Bookies wins out over Bettorsnet because it offers more “bang for your buck.”  While a lot of the offerings between the two companies may look similar, the long term value that Real Bookies has is awfully tough to beat.

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