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Tale of the TapeBookem DirectReal Bookies
Sportsbook/Racebook BettingNoYes
Casino BettingNoYes
Mobile Phone BettingNoYes
Live BettingNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Real Bookies shines in comparison to Bookem Direct in many different ways.  The most obvious difference is the sportsbook, racebook, and casino categories.  While agents can use these services through Bookem Direct, they aren’t set up as part of a set pay per head package like the ones that Real Bookies feature.

Instead, Bookem Direct charges access individually to the services which ultimately can make its rates spike if an agent is not careful.  Real Bookies on the other hand offers a basic price of $10/head for their services.

Additionally, Bookem Direct does not offer any mobile phone betting service.  Real Bookies does, which makes them a solid choice for agents that want to cater to on the go payers.

Finally, Real Bookies gets another nod by allowing its agents to supply live betting to its customers.  This is a huge feature that lets bookies open up hundreds of other exciting in-game wagering opportunities.  It is also a feature that Bookem Direct does not offer its agents.

When all of these differences are combined, it becomes pretty easy to see that Real Bookies is in a class by itself when compared to Bookem Direct.  From set price points to extra features, there is really little comparison.

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