Bookie Soft

Tale of the TapeBookie SoftReal Bookies
Sportsbook/Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes
Signup PeriodTwo WeeksFour Weeks

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

At first, Bookie Soft may look as good as Real Bookies because of its uniqueness.  Specifically, it offers an unlimited agent amount in addition to traditional pay per head.

However, the unlimited agent amount that is offered is not necessarily practical in regards to what most agents would typically need for their players.  A service such as Real Bookies and the pay per head offerings is much more consistent with what the average agent needs.

The price point that Real Bookies offers is also a good selling point for the service.  While Bookie Soft starts their pay per head feature at $5/head, the premium items are accessible at a $19/head rate.  Real Bookies starts their service at a $10/head, and offers their premium service at $15/head. 

Real Bookies also offers an extended free trial period of four weeks to allow agents to get a bead on the service before pulling the trigger.  On the other hand, Bookie Soft only provides two weeks of service.

While the big bulk purchase that Bookie Soft offers may look like a tempting proposition to take, the pay per head services of Real Book are far more practical for agents to use.  Add the cost-effective plans into the mix, and Real Bookies emerges as the superior service.

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