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Tale of the TapeBookies DreamReal Bookies
Sportsbook BettingYesYes
Racebook BettingYesYes
Casino BettingYesYes

Why Real Bookies Wins

There is not a whole lot of difference between Bookies Dream and Real Bookies when an agent just looks at the services offered as a whole.  Both organizations offer the full complement of sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting, as well as modern perks like mobile phone betting and live betting.

The two services are similar in terms of the more technical aspects of the pay per head game.  For instance, both companies allow agents to customize their website’s skin and adjust their account settings to their liking.

They also grant agents to various reports that make it easy for them to keep things balanced, such as an amount at risk report, open wagers report, and various financial reports.

However, the one element that they do differ is a big deal:  Price.  Bookies Dream charges $20/head for their services.  Meanwhile, Real Bookies only charges $10/head for the basics, and $15 for all the whistles and bells.  Thus, it ends up saving agents money – something that is always pretty important.

Although Bookies Dream and Real Bookies carry a lot of the same features, Real Bookies manages to carry them at a lower rate than their counterpart.  For that reason, Real Bookies gets the nod when the two organizations are placed head-to-head.

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