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Tale of the TapeDollar Per HeadReal Bookies
Mobile Phone BettingNoYes
Casino SoftwareNoYes
Signup PromotionNoYes

Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Real Bookie tends to have a leg up on Dollar Per Head in most aspects of the pay per head market.  For one thing, Real Bookies offers sportsbook and racingbook opportunities for its agents, and Dollar Per Head isn’t necessarily set up to offer traditional sportsbook materials.

This discrepancy continues by comparing the two companies’ casino software.  Dollar Per Head does not have any casino software because they do not offer a casino service.  Real Bookies, on the other hand, does offer the service and has solid software to boot.

Another aspect where Real Bookies beats Dollar Per Head is in the realm of signup promotions.  Real Bookies offers four free weeks to agents before they have to pull the trigger on a payment plan.  Dollar Per Head does not offer any free weeks to their service.

The one aspect that Dollar Per Head and Real Bookies do compare favorably with each other is through their price point.  Both organizations offer their services at $10/head. Yet looking beyond price similarity, it’s pretty clear that Real Bookie is the clear winner here.  From offering basic agent options to offering modern elements like mobile phone betting, Real Bookies is simply a superior service.

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