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Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Like a lot of pay per head businesses, both Host PPH and Real Bookies are based out of Costa Rica.  And both companies offer the kind of standard services that agents like to provide their players, like sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting.

Both organizations also allow agents to provide their players with a few modern wagering perks.  For instance, the two offer mobile phone betting for players on the go.  They also allow agents to utilize live betting for bettors that with to pick and choose from hundreds of various prop bets.

They also allow agents the chance to customize their experience by a fairly wide amount.  Bookies that use either service can create custom web skins, utilize customizable account options, pull various information sheets designated by time frame, and more.

However, where the two services separate is price.  Host PPH’s website is gun shy about mentioning prices, which ultimately start out at over $20/head.  Real Bookies, on the other hand, are pretty open about their price point, with services starting at $10/head.

Because of the lower price point – not to mention the ease at which a perspective agent can obtain the price point – Real Bookies gets the nod for being a superior product.  It ultimately goes to show that being up front goes a long way.

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