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Why Real Bookies Wins Out

Whenever a company like Real Bookies is going to be pitted against IDSCA Perhead, they are going to look like the new kid on the block.  Indeed, IDSCA Perhead has been doing pay per head longer than most everyone in the game.

This experience allows them to compete with Real Bookies from a service standpoint rather well.  Both services give agents the chance to do sportsbook, racebook, and casino betting.  They also offer a host of important features like customizable web skins and in-depth player reports.

IDSCA Perhead also shows that they can hang with Real Bookies with some of the modern betting stuff, too.  Both offer agents the chance to provide their bettors with mobile phone betting and live betting options – two burgeoning staples of the pay per head world.

However, the one area where IDSCA Perhead falters is price.  The venerable company’s price tag starts out at $30/head, which makes them one of the priciest options around.  Real Bookie, on the other hand, offers their services starting at $15/head.

Because the two companies offer highly comparable services and tools to agents, Real Bookie gets the win because they offer their services at a substantially lesser cost.  And considering the similarity of the two products offered, Real Bookie’s price is not subject to the old adage of “you get what you pay for.”

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