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Per Head Player Activity Report

Per Head Player Activity Report

The goal of any successful bookmaking business is to build a customer base that supports the financial goals that have been set for the business itself. It is hard to say just how big of a customer base your business will need to get to the point where it can support the proper short-term cash flow and long-term profit projections, but without access to the proper player activity reports you have absolutely no chance to figure this very important piece of the puzzle out.

This is where your Pay Per Head company has the necessary sports betting software to provide a number of player activity reports that should be able to answer any of the questions you may have. The great thing about the whole process of gathering customer information is the fact that it is right at your fingertips simply by logging into your PPH account.

Player activity is what drives your bookmaking business on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Certain times of the year are much more profitable than others depending on your customers’ betting preferences, so one of the most important things about your business you need to track is ‘action by player’.

This report will give you a weekly summary of all the bets that a customer has placed by type (straight, parlay, teaser etc) as well as by betting categories (sports, horses, casino etc). You can then roll up the numbers for your entire customer base to calculate how much action your bookmaking business is generating.

Over the course of time, this can be tracked on a monthly and yearly basis to paint a picture of how and when the bets you are booking come in. This in turn can help you to prepare for the lean times of the year when cash flow is going to slow down as well as the busiest cycles your business goes through over the course of a 12-month time frame.

You might want to develop the type of bookmaking business where a handful of heavy bettors are enough to keep you in the black on a yearly basis. You may prefer to work with a larger number of casual sports betters that collectively can provide solid cash flow and long-term profitability without the risk that big time bettors can bring to any bookmaking operation. Without having the proper grasp on just what kind of individual player activity your business is currently generating, you will be unable to shape it to meet future goals.

Another huge benefit of using PPH reports to track player activity is the level of detail you can drill down to on an individual and total company basis. Your goal as an independent bookmaker should be to develop multiple streams of income that can help lower the risk of being too heavily weighted in one area or another.

Expanded horse racing and casino gambling are all perfect examples of ways to diversify your business from just taking bets on sports. The large offshore sportsbooks have all expanded these types of gambling services over the past few years and so should you with the help of your PPH company like Realbookies. Best of all, there are tracking reports that can provide the proper information to try and balance things out among your existing customer base. This can be done by providing added bonuses or incentives to shift business in the direction you want.

The professionalism and level of information that these player activity reports provide can also be used as a marketing tool to grow your customer base. This information is obviously important to you in the day-to-day operation of your business, but it can also help your customers better manage their own sports wagering activities.

If a customer does not employ some kind of money management technique to keep tabs on their individual betting bankroll, chances are they will not be a customer for long. It is in your best interest as a bookmaker to keep your customers informed on their win/loss ratios, account balances, free play bonuses and any other aspect of their sports betting activity that will help to keep them active customers for years to come.


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