Soccer World Cup Bracket 2022

Every four years we get a soccer world cup. The time has come for the 2022 edition. We are running a bracket pool and as a Real Bookie you get an entry and some chances to get additional ones.

As always, we are giving the winners great prizes

1st place: USD 1000
2nd place: USD 500
3rd place: USD 250
dead last: USD 250

Every agent who is positive by November 13th at midnight gets an entry and this time, you’ll get 3 different ways to get additional entries:
1. Survey: You can complete it here
2. Referrals, if the agent you referred makes a deposit before the start of the cup you’ll get another entry ((it needs to be a new referral)
3. Making a Deposit over $1000 USD while having a positive balance you’ll get another entry

Give us a call when you finish any of the conditions to give you your extra entry

1- Fill your group phase bracket (Before the first match on November 20th). 
2- Fill up the round of 16th, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and the final bracket (Before the first match on December 3rd)
3- Overtime and penalties included to decide the winner of each game.
4- The user with the most points will win the tournament, the second and third with more points will be awarded 2nd and 3rd price respectively. the user with the least points will be awarded the dead last prize.
5- Tiebreaker: in case of a tie the earliest submission will be considered as the winner, including dead last position. 
6- Each player is eligible for only one prize. Funds will be credited to the active agents that win the prizes.
7- Make sure that you fill up the group phase bracket or you won’t be able to fill up the round of 16th.

Group Stage winners = 3 pts.
Round of 16th winners = 9pts.
Quarter-finals winners = 12pts.
Semi-finals winners = 15pts.
Final WINNER = 18pts.

You can join our contest and create one for your players too! Learn how here:


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