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For over 15 years Real Bookies has successfully assisted bookmakers from around the world  to take wagers from thousands of players on a pay per head basis.

We now offer both the DGS and ASI betting software so you can choose.

Our state-of-the-art bookie software and the dedication from all of our clerks, lines people, managers and partners have made our price per head sportsbook solution one of the fastest growing and most reliable bookmaking service provider names in the industry.

Word of mouth is the number reason new agents sign up at RealBookies, which speaks to the high quality of service provided to both agents and their players.

Upon becoming a member of the Realbookies family, you will receive your own personal assistant who will be there to answer any questions you may have about the company and how to grow your business using our pay per head sportsbook.

Joining Realbookies will make your operation become par and level the playing field with the biggest online gaming companies in the world. The betting software you and your players will be getting is the same by the biggest online sportsbooks today.

The best part is, what took these online gaming companies many years of hard work and several thousands of dollars to develop, you get in a few minutes with our price per head service.

Our sports book software and team will also save you time and to become more efficient with the daily activities that come with being a bookmaker.

No more writing down bets on paper and taking calls from players all hours of the day and night. Now all that tedious stuff will be handled by us along with the ability to bet on horses and casino games for one low price.

Several detailed reports are offered to agents which include up to the minute win/loss activity, betting trends by player, pending wagers, lifetime record and many more reports too numerous to mention here.

Our PPH software allows you to customise your own lines that fit your player profile. This gives you as a bookmaker the advantage and freedom of setting the odds that gives you an edge over your players.

Your players will be able to wager on sports worldwide 24/7 including but not limited to  football, basketball, hockey, soccer baseball, tennis, and cricket for a low price of only $10 per head via phone or online.

We also offer live in game betting on most sports so now your players can wager even after the game has started. That’s not all, your clients will also be able to bet on horses,  play casino, both software based and live dealer for the same low price of $10.

Our software is optimized for mobile use so your players can now bet and play casino from anywhere with an internet connection.

Our customer support is second to none. When contacting us, you can be assured that our customer service representatives will be knowledgeable, courteous, and will solve your problem in a timely manner.

We offer all of our agents quality lines, reliable network stability and fast service. Sign up or call now, for a no obligation free 2 week trial, and find out why more agents are moving their players to a more experienced and reliable pay per head sportsbook in Realbookies.

More In Depth Explanation Of What Is Pay Per Head:

Price Per Head Defined

We all have the classic image of the bookie in our heads. It looks like a guy that may or may not be chomping on a cigar sitting in some dimly lit room, a ledger filled with scribbled notes spread out his desk, his phone ringing constantly. It’s a quaint, oddly romantic vision of the bookkeeping industry, but it’s not one that is entirely accurate anymore.

While there are no doubt some bookkeepers that are not too far off from resembling the person that exists in our mind, even those that fit the image do not necessarily have to be tied to that massive ledger filled with chicken scratches anymore. They can instead utilize a more efficient means of bookkeeping known as a pay per head, or PPH, system. It is a system that is designed to make a bookie’s business model much more efficient while simultaneously providing a more inviting and convenient betting experience for their clients.

What Does a Per Head Website Do?

A price per head company is designed to allow bookies to point their customers to post-up sports book by using a web-based automated system. This system will allow clients to place a bet either online or through the PPH’s call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also allows a bookkeeper the ability to track all of the betting action that takes place in a week by computer in exchange for a small service fee, thus making it simpler to note wins and losses.

For example, let’s say the line on the Monday night game between Seattle and San Francisco opens with Seattle being 4.5 point favorites. The quality of the two teams, the point spread, and the allure of the matchup is going to generate a good deal of action. It is the kind of matchup that can easily turn into a massive headache for the stand-alone bookie that doesn’t own a call center, as a contest of that nature can easily translate into a phone that never stops ringing and a ledger that contains a ton of betting information – data that you would have to sort through when the clock strikes zero in order to make sure everybody gets paid or collected properly.

A per head company will not only take all of those client bets on your behalf, but they will give you access to a downloadable report that will instantly tell you whom you need to pay and who needs to pay you. It is more or less that easy.

Client Benefits Using The Realbookie Software

There are several ways that a bookkeeper’s clients can benefit from the utilization of a quality pay per head service:

24/7 Wagering – a PPH company will allow a bookie’s clients to place a bet with them any time of day. All they need to do so is the pay per head web address or their phone number along with a password and PIN so they can access the account securely and anonymously.

Access to a dedicated call center – A good per head shop will have a versatile call center that will allow a client to do more than just place a bet. The call center will be able to provide answers a client may have about the betting process on the bookie’s behalf. It can even provide them with technical support should something go awry online.

An added sense of ease and convenience – The simplicity of our software will allow a client to feel much more comfortable with placing a bet, since they don’t have to go through the process of trying to hunt the bookkeeper down by telephone. This could ultimately lead them to be more interested in placing more bets down the road.

The Versatility of a PPH

A reputable price per head company like Realbookies.com will provide a certain level of flexibility for the average bookkeeper, in more ways than one. For instance, the power of the PPH is not just reserved for the sports book. It can be used to include other betting options such as access to live casinos or horseracing. It can also prove to be a massive time-saver for the bookkeeper who would otherwise see a huge chunk of their day solely devoted to communicating with existing clientele.

This extra time can be utilized by the savvy bookie to reach out to new customers. And contrary to popular belief amongst outsiders, gaining new clients to place bets is a far more sustainable business model for the bookkeeper than focusing on current clientele. Since bookkeeping is a form of wagering as opposed to a traditional business, it is important for the bookie to be able to find fresh streams of potential revenue through new sources. Setting a PPH in place will enable them a greater opportunity to do exactly that.

Image is Everything

Another huge benefit to using Realbookies per head software is that it allows the bookkeeper to create a professional atmosphere that is completely free of the “smoky backroom” vibe that tends to be associated with the concept of the bookie.

Pointing clients to a website that looks sleek and polished or a phone service that has a dedicated call center will make even the one-person bookie operation look like a well established entity that handles the business in a welcoming, trustworthy manner. This ambiance can be powerful enough to attract the type of clientele that would otherwise be on the fence when it comes to contacting a bookie and placing a wager.

Ultimately, the benefit of utilizing our service is twofold. Firstly, it relaxes the customer, which is a process that could lead to more wagering. Secondly, it takes a lot of stress off the bookie, as all of the calls and paperwork that have long been associated with the profession are more or less handled by an outside party. This leads to an overall betting experience that is smooth from start to finish for everyone involved. And who knows – it may eventually put a stop to the dingy image of the bookie that all of us tend to have.


One of the best pay per head services out there. I have tried several but RealBookie stands above the rest.

They are always there to answer any questions I have and will go to great lengths to customize my account so it fits with my players betting profile.
Mick J.
Thanks to Realbookie I now have so much free time to do other stuff. I don't have to take the bets or do player reports anymore. They do all that for me and much more for only $10 per head.

Johnny P.
New York
I don't know what I would have done without a pay per head service like RealBookie. Now I just focus on getting new players while Realbookie does the rest. I don't have to take calls in the middle of the night or do the reports every day. That's all done by the Realbookie software and I get to see it in real time.
Aaron B.

With their live dealer casino games, RealBookie keeps my clients playing even when it's a slow sports period which means a more steady income stream for me year round.

The Realbookie software has helped me stay organized which leads to a more efficiently run business.
New Orleans

When I think of Realbookie, two things come to mind: their one on one customer support and the easy to use software.
San Jose

Realbookie software has given my business a boost that I could never have imagined before I started using them. Not only it's easy for me to use their software, but my players love the betting options that they offer. Their live casino with real deals has been a hit with my customers.

This PPH software has helped me tremendously. At anytime of the day, I know exactly what is happening with my players.
San Francisco

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