Tennessee: A Gambling Paradise

The state of Tennessee is a gambling hotbed from corner to corner. Think about sports venues and teams that call this state home. The Titans, The Memphis Grizzlies, The UT Volunteers (NCAA BB, FB- Men and Women), The Memphis Tigers (NCAA BB, FB- Men and Women), the list is long with the like of Austin Peay, Belmont, Chattanooga, Lipscomb, Middle Tennessee, UT Martin, and Vanderbilt. There are too many more teams to mention here but you can believe, they all get bet on heavily. Bettors from Tennessee are faithful to their sports and if you don’t believe that, just ask a Volunteers fan who “the man” is. They still remember Peyton. The Tennessee fans are faithful to a fault and this is where you come in. As a bookie you must capitalize on the betting opportunity that abounds from border to border across this great state. The high season is here with the NBA starting in a few days, college basketball right around the corner and college football and the NFL in the thick of it all. Now is the time to make a serious income as a bookie and Tennessee is ready to pay you.

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