Texas | A Big Place with Sports Gamblers

Sports gambling is hotter than it’s ever been, and Texas is the perfect place to start your online bookie business. If you are an existing bookie or looking to get in while money is growing on trees, then now is the time. Both Dallas and Harris Counties (Houston) have a current growth rate of more than 10%! That’s an eye-popping number that doesn’t sound correct, but it is. People want to live in Texas and better yet, they want to live in either Dallas or Houston. San Antonio is the third largest city in Texas with El Paso, Ft. Worth, and Austin close behind. All three of these cities have populations of more than 500,000.

The economy in Texas is the reason for the growth rate, it’s arguably the most-robust economy in the entire United States and the cost of living is reasonable. Workers make a lot of money in Texas, there is extreme wealth and a very large median income population. As a bookie, you are looking for those with a fantastic median income. You are looking for the middle-class, they are the gamblers and it’s a long road trip from anywhere in Texas to Las Vegas. These folks are hungry for sports gambling and they want a great bookie.

*Dallas boasts 4-major league sports teams, Houston 3, and San Antonio 1. The state of Texas has three NBA teams and 2 NFL teams, along with 2 MLB and I hockey team. Forget about the pros, think about the vast number of major universities that play NCAA Division 1 football, and basketball. The betting options locally are mind-numbing, not to mention the surrounding states of Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

*Why not go this alone, and continue as a corner bookie back on the block?

Here is the bottom line—

The state of Texas loves to gamble, and they will gamble with you if you have it to offer. The pay per head does all of the work for you and now you can get in for free. Sign up today for a free trial offer and have your players betting tonight. Get in and start making money in Texas. There isn’t a better state to start a business in.

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