The state of New Jersey often takes a lot of abuse, as do the people who live there. But that usually comes from folks who have never spent any appreciable amount of time there.

The Garden State is actually a rather scenic place, with a number of different lifestyles available, depending on what you like.

For example, there are a lot of professionals who work in Manhattan and live in the North Jersey suburbs, since it’s just a matter of a few miles out the Lincoln or Holland tunnels, or the George Washington Bridge.

Then, of course, there is the Jersey Shore, which isn’t too far from the “city” either. And in the southern part of the state is Atlantic City, which has had something of an up-and-down existence with its casinos.

New Jersey led the charge when it came to overturning the federal law that prohibited states from making their own decisions about legalizing sportsbooks. So they have established their own. And there is also internet betting in the state.

How Does This Affect You As a Private Bookie?

New York – or New Jersey?

There’s South Jersey Too

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