New Orleans is known as “The Big Easy.” But is it “easy” to be a bookie in this playground of a city?

Well, our answer is that it is neither really easy, but let’s put it this way – it becomes a lot easier when you are making use of the PPH software that is available to you through a relationship with Real Bookies.

Almost every major city has had gambling in its background, whether it is of the underground variety or not. It would not be inaccurate to say that New Orleans has about as much of a gambling-related tradition as any city outside of Las Vegas. So it is not as if you would ever have to introduce people to the concept.

The Casino Atmosphere

We’ll See What the “Zion” Effect Will Be

It’s Really About the Saints

It’s not much of a secret that if this city has a sports love affair, it’s with the New Orleans Saints, and we know that because they have stuck with this team through thick and thin. In the early years, it was almost all “thin,” although when John Gilliam returned the opening kickoff for a TD in the first game in 1967 it offered some hope.

Have a Party

New Orleans is obviously a wonderful, historic city, and it provides an opportunity for an enterprising bookie to entertain clients for the purposes of bringing them in or maintaining them as customers. And of course, the PPH software, which obviates the need for an “office” and staff, gives you the freedom to spend more time on that kind of thing.

The legendary sports are endless, from Pat O’Brien’s to the Sazerac to Lafitte’s Blacksmith Shop to the Cat’s Meow to the Carousel at the Monteleone (which rotates) to Tipitina’s to the House of Blues to the Commander’s Palace and on and on and on. Oh, and don’t forget to have the world famous “Breakfast at Brennan’s” as well.

Lots of places for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor!

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