Undoubtedly if you are a sports fan in the province of Ontario, you are beaming with pride right now, though not completely satisfied.

Let’s focus on Toronto and the surrounding are, because it is truly a bigger-then-life place; one of the great cosmopolitan cities in the world. And as such, it is fertile ground for those who aspire to be a successful bookie, under the right circumstances.

Canada is a very good place strategically for sports betting, as there is the blend of both the North American flavor with an international twist.

The Sporting Landscape

But you know what? When all is said and done, this is a hockey town.

Maple Leafs – the Highs and Lows

So What Does This Mean?

If you are aspiring to be a bookie operating in Ontario, especially in major cities like Toronto and Ottawa, you should understand that hockey – particularly as it is played in the NHL – is going to be a major focus of your business.

And this is something that has to be handled very carefully. Bookies in the United States are aware that members of their clientele who wager on hockey as a major interest are generally pretty “sharp,” and it is a good thing that they have the benefit of access to the tools provided by the PPH service so that they can adjust the limits of customers who are proficient at hockey, make their own adjustments to the numbers, or decline to offer it at all, although be cautioned that such a thing might risk losing the player.

If you do not understand the “puck line” in addition to the money line and totals, you are going to be lost when taking action on hockey, because without question your customers are going to understand it. And in an area like Ontario, the hockey fans (and bettors) are about as knowledgeable as they are anywhere in North America.

The PPH Advantage

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