Just south of Los Angeles sits Orange County. And even though it may have a suburban look and feel, it is actually quite robust as an entity in its own right.

The “O.C.” happens to be the sixth largest county in the United States. It is much less “diverse” than Los Angeles, although demographics have shifted quite a bit in recent years. There is a lot of affluence here, which is a good sign for someone who is going into the bookie business.

There are a number of sizable cities, including Fullerton, Santa Ana, Irvine, Newport Beach and Huntington Beach. The principal city is Anaheim, which has been known as the home of Disneyland, but for our purposes, also plays host to the area’s two major league franchises.

The Halos

The Angels originated in Los Angeles, and in fact actually played their home games at Dodger Stadium at one time. But they have been situated in Anaheim for well over 50 years.

They have gone through some minor name changes. When they won their World Series in 2002, they were the Anaheim Angels. In 2005 they became the “Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim,” which upset the fans and the city officials to no end. Now they have dropped “Anaheim” altogether, which has upset some people further.

Still, they get support, although you must know as a bookie that you’ll have Orange County supporters of both the Angels and Los Angeles Dodgers, who are more of an institution in Southern California. If you’re paying attention, you’ll be able to sift through the wagering patterns and find out who backs who by using the back-end management tools in the PPH software suite from Real Bookies. And you’ll react accordingly, changing lines manually where you need to in order to maintain an edge.

The NFL – It’s Happening

Maybe some of you remember that the Los Angeles Rams once resided in Anaheim, before they made their way to St. Louis. There is no NFL team that currently plays in Orange County, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a load of interest. After all, there is interest everywhere in betting NFL football.

And to make the trip eight times or so a year up to L.A. County is something plenty of residents of the O.C. are willing to make. For years there could have easily been a team in Los Angeles, but the NFL wanted to control who it was and how it was done, with a new stadium at the forefront. Well, now it’s well on its way, with the Rams and Chargers situated temporarily before it opens.

Not having a team hasn’t necessarily been a barrier. With the comprehensive national TV coverage, not to mention, of course, the accessibility of the internet, fans (i.e., bettors) in this area can find out anything they need to about the NFL, and they bet heavily.

Between the two teams in the general area, the Rams would seem to have some momentum behind them; after all, they own the stadium project and have just appeared in a Super Bowl. Don’t expect that you’ll get a lot of gratuitous “square” action on the Chargers just because they have “Los Angeles” in front of their name. They still come off like visitors, and until they get into the new stadium they are occupying the smallest venue in the NFL in Carson.

What interesting, however, is that a recent study from the business school at Emory University measured each of the 32 “fan bases” in the NFL and the Rams ranked dead last. Statistics like this may not mean everything, but they are worth taking a look at if you’re booking NFL action. For all intents and purposes, perhaps you should approach things as if there were still no “favorite son” NFL team there at all.

Some Forget Hockey – But You Can’t

Using the PPH software in Anaheim and Orange County, you’ll never be running a “Mickey Mouse” operation!

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