Even though it’s the center of government in America, it does not necessarily mean that Washington D.C. is the most straight-laced area in the U.S.

There’s a lot of action here. Hey, this was fertile territory for bootleggers during Prohibition.

In point of fact, federal employees are all over the sports betting issue these days. Not only has the very restrictive PASPA (Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act) been blown apart, but the district itself is considering legislation to legalize sports betting.

To those of you who are bookies – and hopefully using the PPH software available through Real Bookies – you must be wondering whether that will help or hurt your private business.

The answer is that it most probably would. People like to play on credit.

Finding Players in the District

If you are looking for business in the city itself, you may want to point yourself squarely toward Georgetown.

No, not the college – although it is the location of a basketball team that has been in the spotlight from time to time – but the neighborhood. It is a center for the movers and shakers – sort of a nerve center for power playing and, well, insider “stuff.”

And they might be dream clients, in the respect that they have some disposable income, don’t have a local casino to go to, are power-minded and arrogant. In short, they are not the most conscientious players. So you’ll get your share of “squares” here.

The “Other Teams” in the Nation’s Capital

This is Redskins Territory

And what’s particularly interesting is that those among the political crowd who religiously attend Redskins games are from all over the country. Of course, some of this is strategic, in the sense that football tickets and luxury boxes are great political currency. But there are enough people who love their ‘Skins anyway.

And why not? They have a rich history, going all the way back to Slingin’ Sammy Baugh. George Allen is the guy who brought some post-war success and the first Super Bowl appearance, and then Joe Gibbs won three Super Bowls with three different quarterbacks.

But whatever you do, just don’t pitch your services when you’re touring the White House.

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