Triple Crown Contest!

Every agent will have one entry if they have a positive balance by Monday, May 2nd.  Make sure that you use your entry before the first race or you won’t be able to participate in it. In order to play you will be selecting one horse for each of these races:

Kentucky Derby (May 7th) 
Preakness Stakes (May 21st)
Belmont Stakes (June 11th)

The rules:

Agents will be able to post their pick on the Wednesday before the race 
The winner will be the agent with the most combined points, after the 3 races are finished, any ties will be decided by the earliest submission time. 

We will award prizes to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:
1st Place: $1000
2nd Place: $500
3rd Place: $250

The prize money will be added to your account, as usable balance towards your per head fees.

The points will be awarded based on the position that the horse you chose finishes the race multiplied by the odds at the time we open the contest:

1st Place:   15 points  x Horse odds
2nd Place:  10 points  x Horse odds
3rd Place:     5  points  x Horse odds 

For example, on the 2019’s race:
Justify: 15 points x odds (6/1 odds)  = 90 points
Good Magic: 10 points x odds (3/1 odds)  = 30 points
Audible: 5 points x odds (15/1 odds)  = 75 points

* If a person selects Audible to win the the race BUT came in 3rd then they would get 75 points

What is the Triple Crown? 

The Triple Crown is a series of three thoroughbred horse races for three-year-old horses, which take place in May and early June of each year.  The Triple Crown of horse racing is considered one of the most difficult accomplishments in horse racing, and possibly all of sports championships. 

The grueling schedule requires a three year old horse to win the Kentucky Derby, then two weeks later win the Preakness Stakes, and then three weeks later win the Belmont Stakes. 

In all of racing history, only thirteen horses have achieved the Triple Crown.


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