Utah’s Proving to be Paradise for Bookies

The Utah Jazz are the hottest ticket in Salt Lake and the NBA season is right around the corner. Not only do folks from Utah love to bet on the Jazz, they love to bet on all sports from everywhere across the country. Utah is one of the most “moved to” states in the entire USA. Utah is not only a beautiful place, it’s also a great place to live and work and maintain a great lifestyle at half the cost of places such as San Jose, San Francisco, or LA. Californians have moved into Utah and it has not hurt the economy, it’s added greatly to an already strong economy. When a homeowner from LA can sell his property for $2- million, then turn around and purchase a larger home in Salt Lake for $800 K, all the while earning close to the same income as they did in LA; why would they not move to Utah?

Utah has it all. They have mountains with snow skiing, lakes for water sports in the summer and BYU along with the University of Utah, as well as Utah State. Not only do these folks love outdoor recreation, they love professional sports and they love to gamble. Utah is one of those states that’s lucky enough to border Nevada and for years, for decades, the good folks of Utah have been driving to Nevada for sports gambling. They can’t get enough of it and Nevada has reaped the rewards.

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