Washington State | Why PPH Providers love it…

Probably not many folks think of Washington State as a place that loves to gamble. That would be an incorrect assumption! The state of Washington loves to gamble on the local sports scene as well as in the casino. Washington is one of those states that have allowed casino gambling on Native American land for well over 30-years. What do sports gamblers do when they want to bet on sports? They fly to Las Vegas and Reno. The city of Seattle is the gateway to all points south and roundtrip airfare is typically inexpensive. The problem is this; gamblers from Seattle are busy people. Seattle is now the number one city in the United States for high-tech jobs. The median income is well over $70,000 per year – meaning the people have the money to gamble, but not the time. Gamblers in Seattle are looking for easy and they are looking to gamble from the office or the comforts of their home.

Take the sportsbook online with a pay per head—

Washington is a politically liberal state and they like to party and let it all hang out. They smoke marijuana (legally), they love gambling with a cold one, or two, or three, and they will spend money if you offer a great sportsbook and casino. Find that free trial, ask for 4-weeks free and expect the best they have to offer. The high season is close, make every moment count.

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