West Virginia: A first to offer Sports Gambling

West Virginia is one of those states that many bookies tend to overlook and there is not one good reason for this. Many bookies make the mistake of looking at what professional sports are in any given big city or what sports teams may reside in the state. Of course, this matter, however, it’s not everything and with a state such as West Virginian. This matters very little. What matters is this; does West Virginia have sports gamblers, do they have casino gamblers, and what’s around them geographically? Yes, yes, and yes to all of the above! West Virginia is loaded with sports fans and they are loaded with local fans as well that love to gamble on two major schools in the state, the University of West Virginia and Marshall University. Both of these schools have a long and storied history with their football and basketball programs and to gamblers, it matters not if the teams are good or bad. What matters is the fact they have a local team to bet on, and they are willing to spend the money. This is a proven fact that the “big boys” of the online gaming world have attested to.

Bookies must have an online presence—

It’s past time to take charge of your business with a management system that works for your better interest, not for the interest of the bettor. You are not doing yourself any favors by going this alone. In the past, this worked, and the corner bookie did well on his own with a handful of clients from the local pub or at work. This no longer works due to the competition that exists. You can’t compete with the online guys. It’s too easy for your clients to dial them up and start betting in 2-minutes. Call the PPH and ask for a free trial.

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