Wisconsin: The Packers are a big deal but there’s More

The Green Bay Packers are not only a great NFL franchise, but they are also one of the most bet on teams in all of sports. This team has a rich history of winning and a history of great players and coaches. As great as the Packers are and as much of a draw for gamblers as they are, there is much more to the great state of Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Brewers want your attention and although they may not be at their best right now, they are certainly competitive. If this isn’t enough, you can count on the University of Wisconsin to deliver. The Badgers made a name for themselves during the Rich Rodriguez era and they have never looked back. This team is an offensive powerhouse and they boast a ton of defense to boot. Wisconsin is a moneymaker if you play your cards right and bookies are realizing what opportunities lie ahead of them.

Being a sports gambler in Wisconsin has its advantages. Number one, the Packers are always good, and they are always a good bet. Number two, there are many more options in neighboring states such as Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, and Nebraska, to name a few. Bookies have hit the jackpot with this state and now you can as well with a top-notch, white-label, pay per head.

The Pay per head industry is booming and one of the reasons for the success is the fairly recent changes to the price structure. Pay per head services was expensive just a few short years ago but now the prices have come down considerably.

In Wisconsin, players are asking for bookies that care about them and bookies that are offering a user-friendly wagering interface. You can offer that within a day, and you pay nothing for the first month of business. The best pay per head providers are now offering a 4-week free trial. Find them, give them a call and finally start earning a six-figure income.

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